Crundles, Herne Farm, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4PJ.
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Open Spaces Maintenance Contract 2015

The contract of caring for our open spaces has been awarded to Michael Smith LTD a local Petersfield company.

Schedule of work

Site / Area Description Frequency of Visit
Herne Farm Lawn Mowing entire site (Approximate no of cuts) 22
Herne Farm lawn EdgingTo be completed periodically alongside mowing 1
Hedge Cutting Butser Walk Annual Hedge cut 1
Herne farm Centre Centre garden tidy, pruning, hedge cutting 2
Longdown Long Down Garden Tidy , pruning and re- shaping shrubs 1
Lower Wardown Lower Wardown Tidy , pruning, clearing leaf litter and tree pruning 1
Herne Farm Post Winter Tidy up , storm damage etc. Jan- Feb 2015 1
Hern Farm Centre The Mound next to the Coop Car park prune back growth 1
Upper Hayshott Upper Hayshott Hedge Cutting 1
Herne Farm Centre Car Park Application of weedkiller on all hard surfaces 2
Butser Walk Tree/shrub prune 1

The amount paid to do this work can be found in the accounts section.

Questions and Answers

Q) Should the gardener not be mulching the grass but instead collecting all the leaves from outside my house in September:

A)  I explained to her that I have not been told or agreed to collect leaves in September. She then went on to explain that the last gardener actually collected all the grass from the entire Herne farm estate . I tried to explain that this is not feasible due to the costs it would incur as we would be collecting in the region of 2-3 tonnes of grass per session. She then pointed out that because we mulch the grass, she has had to rake up the grass cuttings outside if her house as it's causing it to die off. This is categorically incorrect as mulching feeds the grass via direct composting, furthermore her grass is under cover and she regularly mows her section hence why there is a lack of colour as too many nutrients are being removed from over mowing. If I was to agree to Sonia's request to collect all grass cuttings my cost per session would increase to approx.£800 per day. I am happy to collect the leaves outside her house at a cost of £30 but she is better of leaving it for a while until the fall whereby I can collect them all in one go.

Created Date: 18 Sep 2014

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